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Concord American Little League

Board of Directors

Below is a list of the Board Positions and their responsibilities. For best results, please be sure to choose the correct contact for your question.

Information Officer
: Contact for general league questions such as registration, volunteering, opening day, event times, rain outs, etc. Answers general league emails and supplies information to the league via email/web/Facebook/etc. for all events, announcement and promotions.

Maren Spake (925) 472-8940

Sponsorship/Grant Director: Manages and recruits all sponsorships, donations, and fundraising.

Tim Stites  (925) 368-8967 

Registration Coordinator: Contact for registration specific questions such as, in-person dates, payment plans, scholarships, and discounts. Follows up on unpaid registrations (with Treasurer). 
Kristina Long (925) 250-5228

Vice President: Main contact for questions or issues regarding a parent or coach in each division. Recruits and recommends team managers. Managers division schedules. Back up to the League President should he/she be unavailable. 

Intermediate/Softball: Sterling Caban  (925) 822.5547*
Major/Minor: Gil Bates  (925) 783-6766

Farm/T-ball: Jamie Retmier  (925) 222-0405
*Denotes also division Player Agent

Player Agent: Records all player rosters, verifies boundary eligibility and player ages, administers tryouts, main contact for questions regarding the players and/or team placement.

Rick Munoz  (925) 329-2918 

Field Directors: Responsible for the maintenance and repair of the fields and facilities.

Olivera: Joe Keane  (925) 588-3359
Galindo: Todd Long  (925) 383-9726

Challenger VP/Player Agent
: Manages our special division of baseball for players with special needs. Recommends the team manager, assists with game setup, attends District 4 Challenger meetings and annual Jamboree.

Mia Haywood  (925) 586-0406

Treasurer: Keep records for the receipt and disbursement of all monies of the Local League, receive and deposit all funds accordingly, issue volunteer and other refunds, monthly reports and prepare an annual budget, and year-end audit.

Cindy Bates  (925) 200-1109

Safety Officer: Lead contact for any questions regarding safety or injuries. Supplies and maintains inventory of first aid kits, safety questions, CPR/AED training, concussion certifications, accident/injury reports.

Tina Kiyoi  (925) 765-5934

Coaching Coordinator: Schedules coach training and assists coaches/managers during the season with questions, advice, and guidance.

Greg Swenson  (925) 787-9361


Umpire-In-Chief: Main contact for any questions regarding umpiring and rule interpretation, leads league umpire training, and schedules tournament umpires.

Patrick Brandt  (925) 595-3987

Equipment Manager: Maintains team equipment inventory (catcher’s gear, tees, game balls, etc.). Issues/collects gear to managers.

Aaron Larkin  (925) 286-7265

Concessions Manager: Manages the Snack Shack supervisors and staff, all purchasing, menu, and inventory.

Heather Brass  (925) 826-8593

Secretary: Keeps record of all board members, creates agenda, keeps minutes and attendance for all board meetings and/or committee meetings, schedules board and other league meetings.

Heather Brass  (925) 826-8593

President: Oversees all operations of local league, is responsible for the conduct of the Local League in strict conformity to the policies, principles, Rules and Regulations of Little League Baseball, Inc., District 4 liaison, Little League International liaison, attends all District 4 meetings, appoints all managers, coaches and umpires (subject to final approval by the board of directors).  

Liz Berg  (510) 701-8637

Farm/T-Ball: Danny Wallace (
Farm/T-Ball: Danny Wallace (

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